In a new step from laboratory to market, with the purpose of making nanotechnology real, Applied Nanoparticles SL announces the availability of their patented, registered and unique product, BioGAS+ (beta version) that obtains the highest ever-reported improvement of biogas production, among many other differential advantages.


Beyond BioGAS+, The Pandora Nanoparticles Menu  intends to provide the most commonly used nanoparticles at decent cost and larger amounts than employed for in vitro experiments to address, among other, in vivo and ecotoxicity studies and nanoenabled products development.


If you are looking for Au and Ag NPs colloids at low concentrations (1 OD , 2 OD , 5 OD) that mimic the products already available at big chemical providers websites (we all know which ones we are talking about...), we can offer them with higher monodispersity and colloidal stability at very economical prices as our The Classics.  


For more complex or á la carte products including different sizes, morphology, composition, take a look at our Nanoparticles Atelier Service. 

* OD stands for Optical Density and is well extended as a way to describe the concentration of some nanoparticles in a given colloid. 1 OD would give 1 a.u. of absorbance in the most common UV-Vis spectrophotometers wit 1cm of cuvette length.