Green Gas Fuelling Transport

“Gaseous” renewable fuels save carbon and improve resource efficiency by REA News. “A new report from the REA, released for UK Biomethane Day, is detailing the opportunities that the use of renewable gaseous fuels in transportation presents. These fuels can be derived from food and other organic wastes, and upgraded for use in lorries and other heavy vehicles. The use of renewable gaseous fuels in transport, such as biomethane, reduces emissions and puts otherwise polluting organic wastes to productive use. For many organisations, it is an economic means of decarbonisation. REA estimates indicate that the UK is presently not on track to meet its legally binding 2020 renewable heat and transport sub-targets. Supporting the renewable gaseous fuels industry could help the UK to meet its 2020 targets and to make an even bigger contribution in the next decade (...) Clare Wenner, Head of the Renewable Transport Group, a sector group of the Renewable Energy Association, said: “The use of renewable gaseous fuels in transport is an exciting advance that offers a cost effective means of decarbonising transport, especially for trucks and other heavy goods vehicles which have few available decarbonisation options. Transport offers another outlet for low carbon biomethane from waste and we remain committed to the prospect of using society’s wastes to build a more efficient economy.”


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