Applied Nanoparticles Celebrates The World Book Day

We wish to share with you some free ebooks (and videos) that contributes to the public divulgation of the nanoscience and nanotechnology. Alternatively, you can also buy paper editions of this books.


All of them where written and illustrated by some of the co-founders of Applied Nanoparticles, and are publicly accesible in the Internet Archive, a non-profit library that offers permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format.


Access to this collection of nanoscience and nanotechnology ebooks (and videos) here.


This time we highlight the book “Nano-Oncology, the Turning Point: Discover the Wave of Knowledge that Makes Fighting Cancer with Nanotechnology Real” by Pr. Victor Puntes and Josep Saldaña Cavallé, and designed by Joan Escofet; with foreword by Simò Schwartz and contribution by Miriam Varon.


Just a little quote from the foreword by Simo Schwartz, Director Cibbim-Nanomedicine, Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca (VHIR): “If nanotechnology refers to the design, production and application of structured materials, devices and systems at the nanometric scale, nanomedicine refers to their uses in diagnostics and treatments in the medical practice. Far from the public perception that nanotechnology and nanomedicine are still trending topics of science fiction, a new emerging reality is deepening its roots in our society and people begins to realize that a new giant wave is going to smash  our shores in the form of a technological revolution... and the impact might even go beyond imagination.”


Enjoy the reading!




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