The Classics -  AgNPs Colloids

AgNPs Colloids, 0.02mg/ml, stabilized suspension in citrate buffer

100ml of Highly Monodisperse AgNPs Colloids stabilized in 5mM Sodium Citrate. Concentration of every colloid adjusted to 0.02mg Ag/ml . Available sizes under this formulation: 10nm, 20nm, 50nm and 80nm. For different sizes and concentrations, check our Pandora Nanoparticles Menu or use our Nanoparticles Atelier service. 

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Figure from  Synthesis of Highly Monodisperse Citrate-Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles of up to 200 nm: Kinetic Control and Catalytic Properties Neus G. Bastús, Florind Merkoçi, Jordi Piella, and Victor Puntes Chemistry of Materials 2014 26 (9), 2836-2846