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The Pandora Nanoparticles Catalogue provides the high quality colloids of the most commonly used nanoparticles (NPs) at unmatched high concentrations and large amounts for a decent cost*  to address, among other, in vivo and ecotoxicity studies and nanoenabled products development.


  • High Monodispersity
  • High Stability Colloids
  • Unmatched High Concentrations (up to 10g/L)
  • Very Competitive Prices* (remarkably lower than our competitors; one or two orders of magnitude cheaper per mass in some cases)
  • Sterile and Endotoxin-Free (LPS-Free) conditions available (LAL-Assay results provided)
  • Full Characterization Data Sheet (by TEM Imaging, DLS, Zeta-Potential, UV-Vis) provided for every batch
  • Aliquotes of every batch kept at our facilities as witnesses 

How to start :


 Please, write an email to our Nanoparticles Engineer at to start a conversation to understand your needs, including NPs morphology,  total amount and working concentration and receive our NPs Catalogue price table tailored to your  scale.

Missing something ?

If you are looking for other specifications, such as alternative chemical composition, size, morphology, concentration or surface conjugation; we will try to fulfil your requirements through our Nanoparticles Atelier Service.