The Nanoparticles Atelier 

Alternative compositions, sizes, morphology and surface conjugation can be tailored to fulfill your needs 


Our expertise  after years of research on the synthesis of inorganic NPs, we have knowledge on the production of many different metallic (as Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Fe, Co, Ni), metal oxide  (LuO, CuO, PbO) and semiconductor NPs (QDs: CdSe, CdS, ZnS, …), as much as heterodimers (as Au-CeO2, Ag-TiO2) and multialloyed structures with different shapes (including hollow NCs). Different surface coatings (including biocompatibilizing coating, specific peptides, antibodies, etc.), dispersion media and preserving atmospheres can be provided.


All can be customized depending on your needs. 


Prices will vary depending on the requested material and amount.

Examples of multicomponent hollow nanostructures. Figures from Carving at the Nanoscale: Sequential Galvanic Exchange and Kirkendall Growth at Room Temperature by Edgar González, Jordi Arbiol and Víctor F. Puntes Science 2011 334(6061), 1377-1380.

How to start :


 Please, write an email to our Nanoparticles Engineer at to start a conversation to understand your needs and to start designing a nanoparticle to fulfill your requirements.