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Highly monodisperse versions of the most sold NPs colloids at economical prices


We are well aware that some of the users of gold and silver nanoparticles colloids, specially in the academia, are used to work with very specific colloids purchased through well-known chemical providers. These colloids are usually very diluted and overpriced (in terms of price per gram).


AuNPs colloids:

The most commonly used AuNPs colloids are citrate buffer stabilized and with a nominal concentration of OD 1 (optical density = 1 a.u.) regardless of the size, which equals to less than 0.07mg or 0.06mg of Au/ml. A very well-known chemical provider sells them at around 50.000€/g. 


AgNPs colloids:

Sold at even lower concentrations and higher prices per gram, a very well-known chemical provider sells them at 0.02mg/ml for up to 200.000€/g.


For those of you that are used to work with the aforementioned colloids and want to continue doing so, we do offer them at very competitive prices (at least a 50% cheaper) and with higher monodispersity  (narrower size distributions)†.  



Figure from  Kinetically Controlled Seeded Growth Synthesis of Citrate-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles of up to 200 nm: Size Focusing versus Ostwald Ripening Neus G. Bastús, Joan Comenge, and Víctor Puntes Langmuir 2011 27 (17), 11098-11105

Figure from  Synthesis of Highly Monodisperse Citrate-Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles of up to 200 nm: Kinetic Control and Catalytic Properties Neus G. Bastús, Florind Merkoçi, Jordi Piella, and Victor Puntes Chemistry of Materials 2014 26 (9), 2836-2846

†If we can claim so, it is because we are an spin-off company of the Inorganic Nanoparticles Group of the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology with extensive experience and highly-cited publications on seeded growth synthetic procedures to obtain highly monodisperse and stable AuNPs and AgNPs colloids (this link to one of our publications on AuNPs Synthesis; this link to one of our publications on AgNPs synthesis)