Just posted the April 2017 BioGAS+ Newsletter by Applied Nanoparticles

For the optimisation of anaerobic digestion, Applied Nanoparticles is developing the trace element supplementation BioGAS+, a patented and registered nanotechnology-based innovation that obtains the highest ever-reported improvement of biogas production. BioGAS+ contributes directly to the metabolism of microbes, with the doses of bioavailable iron that needs the microbe at each moment. This is a paradigm shift in the prevalent solutions for optimisation.


As we take the last steps from the laboratory to the market and putting our solution in context, Applied Nanoparticles publishes a BioGAS+ Newsletter, a monthly compilation and overview of cutting-edge anaerobic digestion industry news in the context of global energy transition and new multipolar world.

April Contents: 2020, The Climate Turning Point: experts identify the year 2020 as a game changing opportunity to turn the tide on the devastating impacts of carbon emissions; the next four years are critical to the future of our planet | Potential of biogas from digestion in EU beyond 2020: biogas can be a flexible and sustainable alternative source of energy, which supports energy security and greenhouse gas emission reduction in electricity, heating and transport | How digitalization is changing energy markets: entering the brave new world of the energy, “the new internet”


We track the biogas world in a daily basis in the BioGAS+ twitter account  and we compile all information related with our coming product in the BioGAS+ website.


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