Applied Nanoparticles' Anniversary

In October 17, 2013 was constituted Applied Nanoparticles. "The society object is to research, study and development of nanoparticles and their applications. This includes but not limited to, the design, production and characterization, and consulting activities as well as outreach, training and education in nanoscience, nanotechnology and related areas" 

Here are the milestones of Applied Nanoparticles:


Until the July 14 of this year when Applied Nanoparticles announced the availability of BioGAS+ (beta version), a unique trace element additive for the optimisation of anaerobic digestion. This is a major milestone “inaugurating the nanomicrobiology era” !


Víctor Puntes, nanoscientist and founder of Applied Nanoparticles said:


BioGAS+ is the result of intensive research that started in 2008 under the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation and will be marketed from next summer. Applied Nanoparticles offers the trace element supplement BioGAS+, a patented and registered nanotechnology-based innovation, that obtains the highest ever-reported improvement of biogas production. BioGAS+ contributes directly to the metabolism of microbes, with the doses of innocuous and bioavailable iron that needs the microbe at each moment. This is a paradigm shift in the prevalent solutions for optimization. The BioGAS+ enhancement lies on nanomaterial specifications, rather than material composition, a field which we dominate. We feel inaugurating the nanomicrobiology era. Anaerobic Digestion will never be the same.


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