SABYDOMA Project starts!

Safety BY Design Of nanoMAterials - From Lab Manufacture to Governance and Communication: Progressing Up the TRL Ladder (SABYDOMA)


This week has seen the EU H2020 SABYDOMA Project Kick-Off  Meeting, held telematically due to the covid-19 pandemic situation, in which Applied Nanoparticles SL has a leading role as Work Package Leader and primary industry site where to implement the SABYDOMA's lead demonstrator


Project summary & objectives:



SABYDOMA Project addresses developments in the safety by design (SbD) paradigm by examining four industrial case studies in detail where the TRLs will advance from 4 to 6. Each TRL activity will progress from being lab based at TRL4 to being industry based at TRL6. The TRL4 activity will involve only innovation with regular industrial communication whereas the TRL6 activity will involve industrially located activities with innovation communication. One of the novel themes of this study is to use system control and optimisation theory including the Model Predictive Control (MPC) philosophy to bind the whole subject of SbD from laboratory innovation to the industrial production line and from decision making processes to project governance. An equally important innovative step is the building of high throughput online platforms where nanomaterial (NM) is manufactured and screened at the point of production. The screening signal controls the NM redesign and production in a feedback loop. Screens will involve (a) physiochemical sensing elements (b) in-vitro targets of increasing complexity from the 2D biomembrane to cell-line and more complex cell-line elements; and, (c) multiple in-vitro targets with multiple end-points; developed in current H2020 projects. Two of the industrial studies include composite coating manufacture where the coating’s stability and toxicity will be tested using a flow through microfluidic flow cell system coupled to online screens. This is part of the release and ageing investigations on the NM and NM coatings and the results of these will feed back to the production line design. At every step on the TRL ladder the in-silico modelling will be applied to optimise and redefine the relevant activities. By the same token regulatory and governance principles of SbD will be used to refine the technological development. The final deliverable will be four distinct technologies applying SbD to the four industrial processes respectively.


Project Details:


Coordinator: University of Leeds (UK)

Number of partners: 19 beneficiaries

Project duration: 01 04 2020 - 30 09 2023 (42 months)

Total cost: EUR 7.105.520

EU contribution: EUR 5.969.751,25


SABYDOMA project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°862296.


For further information on SABYDOMA Project visit (currently under construction)





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