The Nanoparticles Atelier

 Alternative compositions, sizes, morphology and surface conjugation can be tailored case-by-case to fulfill your needs 



Our expertise steems after years of research on the synthesis of inorganic NPs, we have knowledge on the production of many different metallic (as Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Fe, Co, Ni), oxide  (LuO, CuO, PbO, and semiconductor NPs (CdSe, CdTe, …), as much as heterodimmers (as Au-CeO2, Ag-TiO2) and multialloyed structures with different shapes (including hollow NCs), surface coatings  and dispersion environments that all can be customized depending on your needs. Prices will vary depending on the requested material and amount.





* We can also produce them under different inert atmospheres and special additives.





How to order:


Please, write an email to indicating the amount of the desired nanoparticle that you need and the shipping address. We will send you then a quote and will ask you for a bank transfer, and the product will be shipped to you as soon as we get confirmation of the transfer. You will get a client number for present and future discussions on the uses and applications of your nanoparticles and other related questions. Price: cost (from tables) + shipping + taxes