BioGAS+ · 27. March 2020
In the face of the health emergency caused by COVID-19, and within the framework of the European BIP-CO project, Applied Nanoparticles SL and the Nanoscale Science and Technology Center –nanoCiTec- have developed the book <<NanoColorea en tiempos de Coronavirus>> a set of materials to entertain, inform and educate the youngest and their families, at the intersection of the viral pandemic and the world of nanotechnology. An action to contribute to the collective effort against the...
BioGAS+ · 01. November 2019
Applied Nanoparticles SL (spin off from The Instituto Catalán de Nanociencia y Nanotecnología –ICN2-, la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona –UAB- y el Institut Català de Recerca i Estudis Avançats –ICREA-) y el Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología Nanoescalar –nanoCiTec- will start from the 1st pof November 2019 the six month Project <<BIP-CO: Introduciendo la nanotecnología en el sector del biogás en Colombia>> funded under the R&I Programme Horizon 2020 from the EU through the INNOWWIDE Project.
BioGAS+ · 05. September 2018
Two scientific publications highlight the more medical uses of ferumoxytol, an FDA-approved iron supplement based, as our BioGAS+, on magnetite nanoparticles. The two potential medical uses reported are: prevention of tooth decay and inhibition of tumour growth by inducing pro-inflammatory macrophage polarization in tumour tissues.