In a new step from laboratory to market, with the purpose of making nanotechnology real, Applied Nanoparticles SL announces the availability of their patented, registered and unique product, BioGAS+ (beta version) that obtains the highest ever-reported improvement of biogas production, among many other differential advantages.


Innocuous iron oxide nanocrystals dissolve at the demand of methanogenic archaea in order to boost their metabolic activity increasing thus biomethane production and: the increased biomethane production is concomitant with a stabilization of the process and a reduction of the digestate volume and reactivity; the final digestate is enriched in iron ions being a better fertilizer. Increased anaerobic digestion translates into an increased sanitation and process acceleration. Reducing foam due to its particulate nature, keeping a healthy the bacterial consortium, promotes degradation of recalcitrant matter and rescue of sick digesters. Iron also precipitates phosporous, SH and other sulfur species  and atenuates pH increase.




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Biogas+ Lab Versión 200 ml at 10g/L (2 gr of Fe3O4) in 10 mM TMAOH 60 Euros

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